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Crafco Inc

Crafco Inc. is a supplier of Mastic slot inserts and high technology Mastic slot machines.

Crafco is the world's leading producer in the number and variety of paving preservatives, asphalt and concrete liners such as hot slot inserts, silicone sealants, hot plastics, and mixtures. Chilled to fix and repair the sidewalk surface.

Crafco is the only company producing these types of products and equipment in the world.


Sealant Melters EZ Pour 50

Sealant Melters EZ Pour 50

This gravity fed 50-gallon melter, includes bi-directional agitation, durable steel construction, fast melting recovery rate and reliable engine

Slot machine Model 25

Model 25

Fast heating for 1 hour, suitable for on-site or pre-packaged materials

Melter 30 & Mini Melter 10 Sealant Melters

Mini Melter 30 & Mini Melter 10

Fill 2 layers, with the left swing gear, use 30 Gallon use for flow and cấp hot mastic

Crafco’s Magnum Spray Injection Patcher


Effectively repairs a wide variety of pavement conditions including potholes, deteriorated shoulders, utility cuts, fissures, and alligator cracked areas

Trạm vá đường Patcher I và Patcher II

Patcher I và Patcher II

Dùng để đun nóng chảy vật liệu trám vá mặt đường bê tông 

Mastic Super Shot

mastic Super Shot

The Crafco Super Shot series melter/applicators represent the most technologically advanced melter/applicators available

Cellular Lightweight Concrete Technology

We are one of the leading manufacturers of CLC foam concrete equipments, and have exported to many countries around the world. We can supply machines as part of a production line, or complete turn-key manufacturing plants.

THT International

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