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Crafco 10 Gallon & 30 Gallon Mini Melters Engineered Performance

The Mini Melter 10 is a hand agitated, 10-gallon capacity melter/applicator, that will melt sealant for application in approximately twenty minutes. The wheeled melter easily follows random cracks for efficient crack sealing.

The Mini Melter 30 is an air jacketed, 30-gallon capacity sealant melter and dispenser that can be used in conjunction with the Mini Melter 10 or the Crafco Pour Pot with Wheels.
The Crafco Wheeled Pour Pot is used to apply a uniform band of sealant to a crack or joint. Wheeled for ease of use and ideally used with the Mini Melter 30 or other gravity feed units.

The Mini Melter System is an ideal optional “add-on” to the Crafco Super SealCoater.

To double sealant life, rout cracks prior to sealing with the Crafco Pavement Cutter.

Crafco Sealants are specifically formulated for your area and are “Certified Performance Products”. Ask your authorized Crafco representative to specify the proper sealant for your area. 

Open traffic immediately after crack sealing by eliminating the “stick” from newly applied hot sealant with the application of Crafco DETACK. DETACH is supplied ready to use in 5 gallons (19L) plastic pails.

Cellular Lightweight Concrete Technology

We are one of the leading manufacturers of CLC foam concrete equipments, and have exported to many countries around the world. We can supply machines as part of a production line, or complete turn-key manufacturing plants.

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