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Heat insulation panel 

Heat insulation panels made from lightweight concrete developed by THT International are highly resistant to fire and heat. The product is made of cement, gypsum, lightweight concrete, addititives and synthetic fiber to enhance strength, reduce weight and increase heat insulation properties.

This panel have a wide variety of applications and is often used in fire doors for apartment buildings, or on walls, ceilings, warehouse roofs for insulation purposes.

Heat insulation panels developed by THT International

Heat insulation panels developed by THT International

Technicial specifications:


 350 – 600kg/m3


17 – 30 kg/m2


Thick: 3 - 5cm

Wide & Length: depending on customer's request

Thermal insulation 2 hour at 1500°C
Flexibility Min 50KN/m

The panel can resist high temperatures for long periods of time

By containing synthetic fibers and additives lightweight concrete, this panel can resist high temperatures up to 1900 ° C after several hours

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