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Massena is the leading supplier of asphalt emulsion in Italy, with more than 80 years of experience in the field of emulsion processing. Massena's products range from petroleum to road construction.

The main products of the company include emulsion car and emulsion processing station.


Spraying Tanks

Spraying Tanks

Base models for spraying of conventional bitumen, cut-backs and emulsions are equipped with the direct flame heating system and offer high efficiency, reliability, easiness to use, low maintenance need and a long service life. 

Emulsion Plants

Emulsion Plants

Based on final end-user requirements, Our plants have a production output from 1 T/h only up to 30 T/h.

Multipass PMB plants

Multipass PMB plants

Depending on the plant configuration, we can offer different multipass PMB plants with a production capacity from 4 T/h up to 60 T/h

Cellular Lightweight Concrete Technology

We are one of the leading manufacturers of CLC foam concrete equipments, and have exported to many countries around the world. We can supply machines as part of a production line, or complete turn-key manufacturing plants.

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