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Client: Hemcare Corp Tunisia

Location: Tunisia

Time: February 2014

Equipments supplied: 60m3/day CLC block production plant

Project summary:

In February 2014, THT International proudly expanded its global footprint by supplying a compact CLC block manufacturing plant to Hemcare Corp in Tunisia, marking our first venture into the African market.

The CLC block plant supplied to Hemcare Corp featured a comprehensive array of equipment from THT International, designed for efficiency and ease of use:

  • Sand Washing Machine: To ensure purity and quality of the raw materials.
  • CLC Moulds: Precision-engineered for shaping consistent and quality blocks.
  • MasterMix CLC Mixer: Central to the production process, known for its effective and uniform mixing capabilities.
  • MasterCut Cutting Machine: For accurate sizing and shaping of the CLC blocks.
  • THTGrab Scissor Grabber: Aiding in efficient handling and maneuvering of the blocks.

Our equipment's user-friendly design facilitated the Hemcare technicians to independently install and operate the production line, without the need for on-site assistance from THT in Africa. The production line has been producing bricks of exceptionally high quality, which have been received remarkably well in the market. This achievement not only underscores the reliability and effectiveness of our equipment but also exemplifies our commitment to empowering our clients with self-sufficiency in their operations.

MasterCut 3 CLC block cutting machine
MasterCut 3 CLC block cutting machine
clc moulds
CLC cake moulds
THT scissor grabber
THT scissor grabber

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