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Aliva has its predecessor Spribag AG, which was founded in 1946 to supply concrete spraying equipment. In 1989 Sika Finance acquired Aliva AG and by 2002 Aliva AG was merged with Sika Schweiz AG under the name Sika Tunneling & Mining (STM).

In 2008 Aliva AG became a member of Sika Schweiz AG and officially became a business unit exporting concrete spraying equipment with the new name Aliva Equipment as today.

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The new Aliva-237 concrete sprayer

The new Aliva-237 concrete sprayer

Aliva-237 is a new concrete injection machine of Aliva Swiss cistern with small spray capacity

Aliva Al 267

Aliva Al 267

The AL-267 is designed for efficient wet- and dry shotcrete application in the thin stream process. 

Injection system scales Automatic Concrete Sika-PM500


Advanced sprayed concrete system for use in average to large tunnels cross section.

Sika-PM702 Concrete Scale Spraying


Compact two piston concrete pump for concrete spraying, mortar injection and concreting jobs

Concrete scraper machine Aliva-263


The ALIVA-263 is a two-axial concrete spray gun designed for wet or dry concrete spraying

Concrete injection system multifunction scales Sika-PM4207


Durable and compact concrete spraying machine built for mining applications.

Concrete spraying machines Aliva-257


The universal machine for dry and wet shotcrete applications

Concrete spraying machines Aliva-246


Small capacity, applied to small works such as reinforced slope roof

Cellular Lightweight Concrete Technology

We are one of the leading manufacturers of CLC foam concrete equipments, and have exported to many countries around the world. We can supply machines as part of a production line, or complete turn-key manufacturing plants.

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